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Roasted Chestnuts {Castagne}

Happy fall everyone! One of my favorite things about fall in Milan is walking through the city center and smelling the scent of freshly roasted chestnuts in the streets. The air is crisp, the streets are busy with bustling tourists, the trams are decorated, and it’s just a beautiful sight.

Embracing Life’s Seasonal Changes

I’ve been contemplating seasonal changes the past couple of days. Both literal and not. With the summer, family and friends gone, fall has appeared, almost overnight: the rain, the cold and the overcast skies. And while initially I was pretty bummed, I was reminded, while running errands today, that we can find beauty in the changing seasons: embracing each new chapter and learning to be content, which in the process brings amazing peace. Starting with a homemade chai latte to (finally accept) and welcome the fall 🙂