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Venice, Italia

Venezia, Italia: Sei bellissima!

My husband and I just returned from a lovely little getaway to Venice (with our 4 month old, stroller and all!) Despite it being nearly freezing (literally), we had a wonderful visit. I had actually forgotten how beautiful Venice is… my previous visits to the city on water always happened to be in the peak of summer: in scorching hot August, over crowded with tourists, high season and therefore, ridiculously expensive. In contrast, visiting in January meant that there were far less tourists, shorter lines (if your the museum-goer type), more hotel vacancies, better prices in general, and *bonus* no awful canal smells that grow stronger from the intense heat and humidity the summer brings… just be prepared to bundle up!

While we nearly froze one of the days, we made sure our little one was completely bundled up in several layers and the great thing was that he’s still at the age where he mostly slept in his warm “cocoon” stroller lining complete with a rain/wind cover for added protection while we walked around the city. Warning: It can be a little tough with a stroller with all of the stairs and bridges everywhere (we had contemplated bringing just our ergo-baby carrier as opposed to the stroller, but we ultimately decided that we needed the stroller for cafes and restaurants as he’s still too small for a high chair).

It all worked out and we loved our little visit. Totally doable with a baby or small children. We were pleasantly surprised to see lots of other travels doing the same thing, enjoying their adventures with their little ones.