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Pregnancy Culture Clashes: Sushi, Workouts & Wine

Well, I haven’t publicly announced it on my blog yet, but we’re expecting and I’m just over 5 months now! We found out we were pregnant in Thailand, and thus began the slightly conflicting advice from doctors compared to back in USA (and India during my sister’s pregnancies) and, of course, once we returned to Italy.

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Milan, The Hipster-Glam City

There’s just something about the original, vintage style decor of the modern, fashion capital city of Milan that screams photo op

I love seeing the exquisite architecture of the Duomo, the gorgeous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, cobblestone streets, old school Fiats, brick buildings reflecting so much character, and ancient columns, archways and pillars that are still standing from over the centuries. Not to mention the ever so popular Navigli area complete with cafes, boutiques, second hand shops, restaurants, bars and canals featuring boats, walkways and benches along the water.

Milan is just so #hipster #glam

Oven-baked Egg & Veggie Breakfast

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#sabatomattina #colazione

This past weekend I tried a little experiment for brunch and it turned out wonderfully. If you’re an egg lover and looking for high-protein, healthy breakfast or brunch options, I highly recommend this one!  It’s super easy and equally tasty and only requires a couple eggs and veggies, cheese or other toppings/fillings of your choice.

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Energizing Berry Banana Smoothie

One of my favorite things to make when I’m in the mood for a deliciously refreshing breakfast, afternoon snack or post-workout drink is a berry banana smoothie. Super energizing and full of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, protein and all kinds of good stuff for your body (especially when you throw a bit of baby spinach into the mix) … this one is just perfect and I’ve stuck with it for years.

The ingredients are all natural and really simple. 


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