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Oven-baked Egg & Veggie Breakfast

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This past weekend I tried a little experiment for brunch and it turned out wonderfully. If you’re an egg lover and looking for high-protein, healthy breakfast or brunch options, I highly recommend this one!  It’s super easy and equally tasty and only requires a couple eggs and veggies, cheese or other toppings/fillings of your choice.

What I used: 

2 eggs

Ham, chopped up

Mozzarella di bufala cheese

Cilantro, chopped up

Cherry tomatoes, diced

A bit of salt, black pepper & oregano

***Additional ingredient ideas: green onions, chorizo, olives, cheddar, bacon, spinach or whatever you’re in the mood for!


I placed all my ingredients of choice  in a small oven tray/pan about 5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches deep. (The circular egg quiche looking thing that is pictured as the featured image is on a small white serving plate, not a standard dinner size plate). I then poured the scrambled egg mixture over all the ingredients and baked it in the over for about 25 minutes (or until golden brown) at 200C degrees.

Another fun way to bake these would be in a muffin pan, maybe for a brunch with friends  or if you’re having your child’s friends over or something. 🙂 

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