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Milan, The Hipster-Glam City

There’s just something about the original, vintage style decor of the modern, fashion capital city of Milan that screams photo op

I love seeing the exquisite architecture of the Duomo, the gorgeous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, cobblestone streets, old school Fiats, brick buildings reflecting so much character, and ancient columns, archways and pillars that are still standing from over the centuries. Not to mention the ever so popular Navigli area complete with cafes, boutiques, second hand shops, restaurants, bars and canals featuring boats, walkways and benches along the water.

Milan is just so #hipster #glam


      • I’m sure you’ll love Italy… each city is so unique and it’s especially cool seeing all the ancient structures when it’s your first time here. 🙂 Just make sure Milan isn’t the only city you visit because as beautiful as it is, it’s also very “modern” and very different from places like Rome, Venice, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, etc. Each has something beautiful to explore!

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      • Yes of course! Actually I’ve been to Rome and Venice, and those experiences were truly unforgettable! So I have an idea about what you’re talking about!

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      • I love Rome, it’ll always be one of my favorites – that and Florence (and the beaches because I’m a total beachy person). Hopefully you can visit again soon!


      • I loved Rome too, especially because of all the beautiful architecture and the history, and I yes, hopefully I can visit again! If you like beaches, you should check out the Andaman islands, I recently went, and my, its beautiful there!

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