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Coffee Lovers <3


An essential part of my morning consists of a little 10 minute routine that results in the perfect cappuccino, latte or iced-latte… so for those who love delicious coffee or even just fabulous foam, I’m giving you a heads up that this little collection of items (see photo above), if given a chance, will become your new best friend.

THE ITEMS. First, there’s the old-school Italian espresso machine: It’s a life changer. I was never a fan of American drip-coffee (and I still can’t drink straight espresso) but when it’s used to make a cappuccino, latte or an iced latte, it’s absolute amazing! Then there’s the milk foamer: I am obsessed with foam. It has to be just right: fluffy, smooth, dense and creamy (without air bubbles). For hot milk the metal piece is great and can be placed directly on the burner before using the foamer, and for cold milk I use the ceramic one… it creates the best foam ever, perfect for chai lattes too.

While some may think that the process is too involved, or they’d rather use a more modern coffee pot or Nespresso machine as opposed to the manual option, I have to tell you that I’ve succeeded in gradually converting friends and family members who felt the same way initially, so it’s absolutely worth a try 🙂 


  1. Kitima Chaimongkol says

    Hanna!! Yum! These look so delicious 🙂 where do you buy the foam makers? Do you use separate ones for making iced and steamed milk?

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    • Thanks Kit – we bought them here in Italy, but I’ve seen them on in the past and I think once you know what you’re looking for you can actually find them pretty easily. We use the metal one to heat milk and foam it, and the ceramic one for iced lattes – works like a charm! 🙂


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