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I’ve always had a love for traveling and a bit of spontaneity in life and it’s probably safe to say that I tend to take (and enjoy, despite the occasional challenge) the path less traveled, which has brought me where I am today: a San Francisco girl, married to an Italian, and living in Milan.


The adventure. The thrill of knowing you’re stepping foot in new cities, countries, or even continents, discovering new places and realizing that little by little, the big vast world is becoming smaller. You’re  experiencing beautiful landscapes and stretches of beaches, historical sites and ancient landmarks, visiting street markets and eating delicious food… but it goes beyond that. It has a way of opening our minds to different cultures and lifestyles around us and in doing so it gradually breaks down walls of ignorance and biases and instills a deeper sense of appreciation, understanding, knowledge and compassion in us.

Born in San Francisco and having lived in Thailand a couple times growing up, in Paris for an exchange program and later my MBA, and now in Italy with my husband (did I mention that I met him while on holiday on an island in Thailand!?), I can honestly say that life such a cool adventure.  Sure, it has its ups and downs and it definitely has its learning curves and moments of complete frustration (I’ve experienced my fair share of those), and even times of despair, but it’s beautiful, and there’s just something about each chapter, the good and the “seemingly” bad, that builds character and makes us who we are.

(I love the verse 1 Cor. 2:9).

So, what exactly is this blog about then? Kind of a bit of everything, from various travel adventures and photos I’ve taken while galavanting around, to fun posts on cultural differences, sporadic moments of artsy-creative stuff, yummy food and occasional reflections. I hope you enjoy it!

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Hello! And thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to hearing your comments and thoughts. For a little more about me, check out the 'about' section.

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