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The Unfortunate Truth: Sock Monster Confirmed

It has never ceased to amaze me how matching pairs of socks go into the washing machine & dryer, and like magic, when it comes time to rejoin them, “voila!” there’s only one and the other is no where in sight. Sometimes it starts to feel like someone is playing a joke…

Laundry in October

For those who haven’t lived abroad, you’re probably wondering what this post can possibly be about. Well, basically, October is an awkward month for doing laundry, as is the spring. Contrary to what many people from the States might imagine, many Europeans (as I learned from having spent long periods of time in France, Italy, Switzerland), and actually most of the world, aren’t big on dryers, so if you’re living in a typical apartment or house over here, you won’t have one. (Unless you’re an ex-pat or something, then it’s an entirely different story).