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The Unfortunate Truth: Sock Monster Confirmed


It has never ceased to amaze me how matching pairs of socks go into the washing machine & dryer, and like magic, when it comes time to rejoin them, “voila!” there’s only one and the other is no where in sight. Sometimes it starts to feel like someone is playing a joke…


Back home we’ve resorted to posting lost & found signs in public laundromats, and create cute ways of searching for missing stragglers in our homes…

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Thanks to our Italian lifestyle here in Milan the past year, I have finally confirmed the unfortunate truth, after all my years of suspicion and dreadfully pairing socks together, only to find that you’re out of luck as you lay the last 5 unmatched socks on the table in front of you…

… that the beloved dryer (that gives our clothes that soft, cozy, huggable feeling) is actually the sock monster himself! 


I have discovered, dear friends, solely by default and no credit of my own, that the answer is to hang dry them. You put them in the washing machine, you hang dry them on a rack… and when it comes time to pair them up again, no hocus pocus … they are all there! It’s quite unbelievable, actually.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.39.20 AM


And so, that fantastic feeling (especially for any slightly OCD people out there like I tend to be at times) of coming to the end of the pile, and finding that each one has found it’s partner has become a reality. We’ve reached the end of the unmatched sock days… that is, of course, unless one flies off the top of our balcony and down five flights of stairs. 🙂

For more on lifestyle & laundry overseas, check out “Laundry in October“. 🙂


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