Month: October 2014

“L.O.V.E.” Home Decor

If you have empty wine bottles laying around they are great for home decor/DIY projects. All you need is some yarn, a hot glue gun and a bit of patience ūüôā They’re perfect for any season, really – and especially for the fall/winter because they are just so warm and cozy looking, aren’t they?

The Peacock

I finally decided to get back into painting after almost three years. I had been traveling for awhile and living abroad the past couple of years, so the idea of investing in a new easel, brushes, paints, canvases and other supplies gave me the sense of a little more “permanency,” a feeling I’ve realized I sometimes try to avoid. Not that it’s a bad thing, I just normally think of many phases¬†as short-term or temporary, (like the possibility to pick-up and move to another city or country could happen at any given moment, although my husband tells me I’m not realistic. The Italian culture is¬†a bit less prone to change, if you know what I mean) and I’ve always enjoyed the freedom. I guess allowing myself to settle in (for however long or short¬†we’ll be here in Milan)¬†is part of embracing the seasonal changes (see my posts on “Embracing Life’s Seasonal Changes” and “The Moments In-between“).

A Bite in Brera

A friend was visiting from San Francisco last week and we spent the day exploring Milan together… we started with the Duomo and the Castle, but then wandered through cute neighborhoods eventually¬†making our way to Brera all the while admiring the beautiful cobblestone (side note: but wondering how the¬†women are able to walk around for hours in stilettos on such uneven and uncomfortable streets?! Never ceases to amaze me).

The Colorful Side of Milan

When I first moved to Milan I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the city. I had always thought of Milan as a fashion capital where the majority of people you see walking down the streets are gorgeous Italian models, wearing mostly black attire and heading to some type of posh event. Either that, or a very “corporate” city, as it’s also basically the business hub of Italy.

Coffee Lovers <3

An essential part of my morning consists of a little 10 minute routine that results in the perfect cappuccino, latte or iced-latte… so for those who love delicious coffee or even just fabulous foam, I’m giving you a heads up that this little collection of items (see photo above), if given a chance, will become your new best friend.

Laundry in October

For those who haven’t lived abroad, you’re probably wondering what this post can possibly be about. Well, basically, October is an awkward month for doing laundry, as is the spring. Contrary to what many people from the States might imagine, many Europeans (as I learned from having spent long periods of¬†time¬†in France, Italy, Switzerland), and actually most of the world, aren’t big on dryers, so if you’re living in a typical apartment or house over here, you won’t have one. (Unless you’re an ex-pat or something, then it’s an entirely different story).

The Moments In-between

There have been a couple of times over the past few months that I’ve caught myself thinking about my next adventure, escape, getaway… or even the next time I’d be able to see my family and friends that are currently¬†living in different parts of the world. When two of my sisters left Italy this summer after an amazing holiday together I thought to myself, after a few sobs, “at least my mom will be here in two weeks”… and when my mom left after a great time together just the other week, my next thought was along the lines of “ok, at least there’s our big Thailand trip in January, I just need to get through these next few months” … And I realized that that style of thinking wasn’t the right way to live – it¬†just wasn’t’ feasible to search for happiness in moments are that actually meant to be highlights in life, because to live that way means that you’re actually missing out on so many little aspects of life in-between.

Embracing Life’s Seasonal Changes

I’ve been contemplating seasonal changes the past couple of days. Both literal and not. With the summer, family and friends gone, fall has appeared, almost overnight: the rain, the cold and the overcast skies. And while initially I was pretty bummed, I was reminded, while running errands today, that we can find beauty in the changing seasons: embracing each new chapter and learning to be content, which in the process brings amazing peace. Starting with a homemade chai latte to (finally accept) and welcome the fall ūüôā