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A Bite in Brera


A friend was visiting from San Francisco last week and we spent the day exploring Milan together… we started with the Duomo and the Castle, but then wandered through cute neighborhoods eventually making our way to Brera all the while admiring the beautiful cobblestone (side note: but wondering how the women are able to walk around for hours in stilettos on such uneven and uncomfortable streets?! Never ceases to amaze me).

We then ventured down a little side street and stumbled on a cafe/restaurant for a bite to eat and a glass of vino bianco. I have to give it to Italians – their presentation when it comes to food is so beautiful. Food is such an important part of their culture (I continue to understand this more and more as time goes on) – and so they have a great appreciation for it. Just the amount of time they invest in preparation and presentation is amazing – quite an art! So, back to the point of this post – one of the things I love about Italy is the fact that at any moment you can pop into a cute restaurant, eat a delicious meal (in this case a fresh salad with olives, rucola, tomatoes, corn & prosciutto and a side of mozzarella di bufala) with a glass of wine and just relax – there is no rush, no one is waiting for you to finish your meal so they can give your table to the next guest. Meals are meant to be enjoyed and savored! Relax, you’re in Italy 🙂



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