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DIY Wine Cork Decor


I fell in love with this idea as I’m really into “wine theme” decor at the moment. After collecting tons of corks over a couple months, I was able to put this together in time for the holidays and it was the perfect piece (and currently my favorite!) for one of my mantles.

It was actually surprisingly easy to make – and didn’t take more than an hour. (I realize Christmas has passed, but this gives you plenty of time to prep in advance for next year! I think it would also make cool “festive” NYE decor … or even general home decor without the red Christmas berries. Maybe something with gold or sliver accent colors??)

What you’ll need: 

Wine corks (75+)

Hot glue gun 

Red berries/branch (or something festive) 

Using my hot glue gun, I started (experimentally, and it worked) by building a small squarish frame with wine corks. From there I glued pieces to the frame and to each other, placing them imperfectly so that it achieves this look. (You don’t want to be too precise with the placement – “funky” is better for this chunky look). At first it won’t quite right, but don’t worry, the more corks you add, the more shape it’ll take! Just make sure the corks are all secured well. The last step is to add your decor item of choice (berries, branches, pinecones, etc).

I used about 75 corks to make a small 10″ x 10″ wreath whereas some of the larger ones need about 180 pieces! I saw that you can buy corks in bulk on (very reasonably priced) if you’re short on time or just not into collecting them.

For more DIY wine decor check out: 

“L.O.V.E.” Home Decor, JOY to the World and “The Collection” under Creative.


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