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The mix of decorated bottles creates a beautiful look for lining a mantle, table or shelf. This was one of my DIY projects this week as I wanted to start making our place look a little more festive for the holidays. I used yarn and hemp for some of the more “natural” Asian-inspired looking designs, and white spray paint (matte finish) topped with thin gold flakes for the more decorative looking pieces. I love the contrast of materials with the gold-laced pinecones and accent color of the flower buds. It’s perfect for the holidays.

For those in Milan, lana (wool/yarn) can be a bit difficult to come by, but there is a great yarn speciality shop called “Centro della lana” (which translates to center of the wool) with every type of yarn you could possibly want. It’s located between Porta Genova and Sant’Agostino metros (on the corner of Parco Don Giussani).

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