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Thai Summer Palace


“Phra Nakhon Khiri” or “Khao Wang” is an old summer palace located in the province of Phetchaburi, Thailand that was built under the reign of King Rama IV (the famous King from the movie The King and I or the modern version Anna and the King).

The beautiful structure and decor is a combination of Thai, Chinese and European styles and the final construction was finished in 1858.

There’s a tram available at the front entrance that can take you up to the palace which is situated at the top of a hill (or small mountain), often referred to as “Monkey Hill” since the palace grounds are now inhabited by monkeys that freely roam to and from. You’ll want to keep your belongings and bags carefully tucked away as the monkeys love stealing from unsuspecting tourists. 🙂

In the same general area you’ll find a cave called the “Khao Luang Cave” which is home to 170 Buddha statues.

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